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  • Deno Deploy - You even get global distribution to 35 nodes in the free one. No latency for my High School buddy in Oz! 🀯

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After suffering through all of the classic Scaling problems with single-threaded Scripting languages (JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python), I made a pact with myself to no longer launch anything that doesn't scale. Deno wins by a large margin.


Deno is TypeScript runtime written by the Node-creator, Ryan Dahl. He said it's what Node should have been out of the gate. Secure, Fast, Scales, Standard Lib bundled, etc.

At my last 2 jobs, we were sufferig from serious Transpile-time problems with our TypeScript bundled via WebPack / Babel. For slower Macs, upwards of 2 mins for first-time compile, and 8 seconds for Incrementals. Picture that for a sec. Everytime you hit "Save" in your IDE, sit and wait 8 seconds, instead of the normal 0.25s. Every dev does that hundreds of times per day. It was a total of about 50 mins per Dev per Day, sitting waiting. Almost 4 hours/wk staring at your screen instead of delivering value. You obviously can't do anything in the meantime. Multiply that times the 30 Devs in that Department. Let's say devs make an average of $60/hr:

$60 * 4 hrs/wk * 52 wks * 30 in the dept = $312,000/yr dumpster fired.

Incredibly costly, and makes for an extremely poor DX (Developer Experience). 😑 We rolled out Vite, and this helped significantly, but still, you've got this giant, ever-increasing bundle that must go out to the browser. Then we rewrote the app to be a SWJS (Single Window), but that doesn't reduce your bundle size.

One day I thought, "I wonder if this has been sovled with a Runtime, and get this tranpiling madness behind us forever!"

I Google "TypeScript runtime", and up comes "Deno". I immediately created a Jira ticket fot us to evaluate it. I never found time to do that at my last job, so this site ☝️ is me doing that on a Personal level.

Transpiling was a Stopgap to get us to Modern-Language features naitve in the browser. That day arrvied 6 years ago.

We were also burning unneccessary cost writing a lot of boilerplate, given MicroSoft failed to bundle a Std Lib with TypeScript.

  • Ripping Fast 🀯 - Written in Rust. πŸ¦€πŸš€
  • Transpiling is Dead. 🀯 - Let that sink in.
  • No JavaScript bundle sent to the client. 🀯
  • Secure by default. 🀯
  • TypeScript Standard Library 🀯 - They borrowed Go's very respected one.


Fresh is an Edge-first framework that delivers zero JavaScript to the client by default with no build step. It’s optimized for speed. Your site will achieve a perfect Lighthouse Score.

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